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Residential Windows

Residential Glass Services

At Standard Glass Company, we understand that the full replacement of home exterior windows may be unnecessary. Perhaps a minor accident, an act of vandalism, or a bout of inclement weather caused localized damage to the glass in your windows. In such cases, our efficient replacement glass services can effectively resolve the issues.

Instead of replacing the entire window, let Standard Glass Company offer an informative consultation and provide an estimate on replacing the glass. We will order the new insulated glass unit, and then our installers will return to your home to complete the installation process, without disturbing existing trim inside the home or out.

Storm Window and Screen Services

Standard Glass Company can help with all your window and door screen repair and fabrication needs. Whether it’s an intact frame that just needs a new screen, or if it’s a damaged frame that needs replaced completely, we can do it. We offer a variety of screen material: black and grey fiber, wire and pet resistant screen. We have a stock of screen, spline, tabs, screens, pulls, and other hardware that is needed for both, repair and new fabrication.

We can also repair your storm window glass and frames. We aren’t equipped to fabricate a new frame, but we can order you one if you the damage is beyond repair. We just recently came into stock of corners, latches and swivel keys if that is what your storm window is needing.

Bring your screen or storm window into our office, and we’d be happy to take a look at it.

What we offer

  • Tempered Glass

  • Annealed Glass

  • Insulated Glass Units

  • Obscure Glass

  • Pattern Glass

  • Reflective Glass

  • Laminated Glass

  • Glass Shelves

  • Desk and Furniture Tops

  • Fiber, Wire and Pet Screen Replacement

  • Storm Window Repair

  • Glass for picture frames and other fun projects

Residential Window Project Gallery